I believe in a better world, in a world with true people, a world full of emotions and feelings, not that I’m one of those extra sensitive people. It’s Just that today is the day I start believing in the beauty I am capable to see in everyone and everything. I used to believe I was extra-reacting, extra-feeling, today I understand I’m just one of those who have the incredible and rare power and ability to really feel, love, live and compassionate. So I start to believe in the beauty this world will be overwhelmed by, in one day, one year, ten years or a thousand years. I believe people are beautiful, I believe I’ll never meet 99% of the most beautiful people in this earth, and I’m already hurt for that, but I’m still thankful for that 1% I’ll know. Today I feel pity for people who can’t see beauty, for people with a little mind, I really do hope they’ll one day learn to feel,to love, to live truly and not through their empty body and soul. I used to lost time in second chances, trying to believe every human being is somewhere beautiful, it’s true, the problem is, some people have only superficial beauty while others breathe beauty. This is why at some point of your life you will send away some people from your life, because they are just not it, they don’t see the real beauty in you, they don’t love you enough. They are just empty. While you are much more, so you’ll need to be done with them. And once people like us are done, they really are. So open you eyes wide open, see real beauty, appreciate it, breathe it, let it overwhelm your soul but don’t ever let superficial beauty poison your soul, because you need to always remember you are so much more, you deserve much more, you’re worth it.