One morning 

 One morning, I woke up to the wave’s sound, to an ataraxia I’ve finally found. I woke up breathing, breathing an air I’ve never even wished to know. I woke up not thinking about the way you used to look at me, not daydreaming about the way you used to hold me in your arms. I didn’t smell you perfume around me, on me, in me. Your ghost didn’t haunt me, your face wasn’t that clear in my head. Your fingers, your touch weren’t on every inch of my body. My heart wasn’t heavy anymore, my cheeks weren’t wet, I wasn’t breathing for you. There was no memories to fight, no feelings, no demons. One morning, I wake up to myself, to the beautiful beats of my Heart, not yours, I woke up falling in love with myself, not with you, I woke up understanding you’re not the best thing I never had, I’m the best thing you’ll ever had.